15/07/2010 - HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) Android $320

HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) Android    $320

HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) Android $320

HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) Android Cell Phone

HTC EVO 4G truly a wonder phone that works on the Android operating system. It has identical features to the previous version of the HTC HD2, and to some extent it also appears that the phone functions are also based on HD2 model.The "buttons" under the display are touch sensitive, so the front of the device is unbroken. Almost everything is black, with a few silver elements on the speaker grille and branding logos, plus red accents around the camera lens and kickstand on the back of the device.
That kickstand deserves special mention; the EVO 4G is the first phone I have encountered that has one. It works very well in landscape mode, and makes watching video on the device much more pleasant and enjoyable.


* HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) Android Cell Phone

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